The Digital Switchover - What it Means for Kiwis

New Zealand television is going digital

The digital switchover began in September 2012. Going digital is a new way of receiving your TV signal - if you don't have a digital receiver, you'll be left in a world of static.

A digital signal can carry more information than the old analogue network, which means it delivers better picture and sound quality. It also lets broadcasters offer more channels and a range of new services like on-screen TV guides.

Analogue is the way that we have received television signals since television began. The old analogue television network will be progressively switched off and replaced with a digital signal between September 2012 and November 2013.

Going digital is easy with a Panasonic digital recorder

All the Panasonic VIERA TV models from 2009 and newer are fully FREEVIEW compatible. However, if you would like to record your shows and keep watching TV in HD at the same time, the Panasonic digital recorders are the perfect solution for you.

Panasonic digital recorders have a digital receiver built-in which means you will receive crystal clear digital TV plus all the trimmings in one very smart box. A Panasonic digital recorder lets you pause, rewind* and play live TV. Plus, record an entire TV series at the touch of a button.

The digital switchover comes with many benefits. Panasonic offers you even more:

  • Access to all Freeview channels
  • Record two programmes at once
  • 8 day Freeview guide
  • Pause, rewind* and play live TV
  • Record an entire TV series
  • Record to internal and external* hard drive
  • Plays Blu-ray*, DVD and CD discs
  • Record to disc**

* Excludes DMR-XW390 model
** Excludes DMR-PWT500 or/and DMR-PWT530 model

View the below map to see when your region is scheduled to switch over.


Please note: Panasonic DVR products work on UHF terrestrial technology, currently available to 86% of homes. To check UHF coverage in your area, visit

To find out more on the Government's Going Digital campaign visit

Digital Recorders

Want to record your favourite shows? Panasonic Digital Recorders let you pause and play live TV. Plus, record an entire TV series at the touch of a button.

Voted Best Freeview Brand

Panasonic has been voted as the Best Freeview Approved Brand in New Zealand at the 2012 Freeview Awards.

Viera TVs Fit for the Going Digital Switchover

The complete range of Panasonic Viera TVs has a built-in Freeview Digital receiver, fully compatible with the Going Digital Switchover.