Panasonic has been selling and supporting Toughbook in New Zealand for over 15 years. We are proud to support and service our Toughbook product locally.

Toughbook reliability is our commitment to you, and it doesn't stop with just the purchase and delivery. Panasonic New Zealand backs each and every Toughbook product with full support plus easy download access to Drivers, FAQs, Updates and Operating Instruction Manuals.


Service & Support

We recognise that, despite the extremely low failure rates experienced by users of Panasonic Toughbook, an efficient and speedy repair process is critical whenever required.  For any Toughbook service enquiries please make sure you have the following information readily available:

Model number:  e.g. CF-H2ASLJED3
Serial number:
Where purchased:

To the right is an example of what the model information looks like - and this may be required to enable you to accurately identify your Toughbook model. The id panel is normally located on the underside of the unit.


Toughbook Authorised Service Centre

Sektor are the Authorised Service Centre for Toughbook in New Zealand and work closely with Panasonic in the New Zealand market. Sektor provides service at their centre in Auckland.

Please use the following link to Log a Service Request:

Or phone -
Warranty Support Calls: 0800 SEKTOR (735867)


Technical Downloads (Software, Drivers, Bios and Manuals)

To support the ever increasing reliance on software, Panasonic provides a centralised global facility for the delivery of the latest utility software and drivers. Regardless of the model you have or the country you purchased it in, you will be able to find all the software resources that are current available from Panasonic at this facility.

All you will need is the full model number of your Toughbook to accurately define the specification of your computer. Please use the example above to find the model information that may be required to enable you to accurately identify your Toughbook model.

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Upgrade to Windows 8.1

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