These easy-to-use devices record and play back High Definition content and broadcasts without the slightest change in quality - and allow you to save that content onto proven High Definition Blu-ray Discs. You need never delete another thing.


Picture and Sound Like You've Never Before Experienced

Because Blu-ray is a proven disc format that allows you to watch your favourite movies and moments in stunning high definition, without any loss through conversion or sacrifice to compression, our Blu-ray recorders render moving images with enormous accuracy, and surround them with impeccable sound.


Record HD with no loss of quality

You can record HD content and broadcasts direct to your Panasonic Blu-ray recorder's internal hard drive without the slightest change in quality. You get the same unforgettable picture, the same crisp 5.1 channel surround sound and the same subtitles and audio description. It's High Definition in all its glory - just as it was intended, and yours to view whenever you like.


Enjoy unrivalled playback

Watch what you've recorded on the Panasonic range of Blu-ray recorders and you'll experience all the crisp detail, rich colour and unforgettable sound that was originally intended. That's because Panasonic Blu-ray recorders reproduce HD images in their original form, with no need for conversion.


Save it all to Blu-ray Disc

Unlike traditional hard disk recorders that have fixed and limited storage capacity, forcing you to choose what to keep and what to lose, Panasonic Blu-ray recorders let you choose to save onto Blu-ray Disc without losing anything through compression - so you can save not just everything you record, but every detail in every item.


Get the whole picture with Panasonic

Panasonic offers a full lineup of high definition and Blu-ray Disc products - TVs, players, AV receivers, speakers and more - that draw out the best picture and sound quality from BD-Video discs. Our uniform design scheme assures that a Panasonic system delivers a superb performance that takes full advantage of BD-Video's remarkable capabilities, while Viera Link adds the convenience of linked operation. A Panasonic BD Theatre System is designed to provide an entertainment experience that satisfies you in every way.


*Panasonic recommends a Full-HD 1080p TV for the very best Blu-ray experience.