Smart Viera

Access all your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and stay in touch with your friends and family via Skype on your TV from the comfort of your sofa. With Viera Connect, games and other applications are available to download, letting you get even more out of your Smart Viera, the Smart TV from Panasonic. 

Networking and connectivity applications make Smart Viera TVs an entertainment hub with endless possibilities. We have included DLNA networking across all new models, as well as a range of USB/HDD options. We have also introduced the outstanding Viera Connect, showcasing a full suite of internet TV apps and Easy IPTV, a 'lite' version that means even entry-level Viera TVs offer internet connectivity. Smart Viera is giving everyone more access to family, friends and online content than ever before.


Viera Connect

The best of the Internet on your TV

Internet connectivity continues to play an increasingly important role in our lives and Panasonic is dedicated to improving access to web functionality and apps, through the Viera TV range. With that in mind, Viera Connect gives you more access to family, friends and online content than ever before. 

Viera Connect takes staying in touch with friends & family to new levels with Twitter and Facebook apps, plus the ability to make full-screen video calls with the exciting Skype feature. You can also keep up to date with the latest weather & financial reports, along with clips from YouTube and music from around the world with SHOUTcast internet radio.


All the things you love - now on your Viera TV

Connect to your World with Twitter & Facebook

Discover and share what's happening in the world around you, as it happens, with Twitter & Facebook on Viera Connect. Simply scroll and read, or pitch in and add your own thoughts and ideas using Viera Connect and your Viera remote control - or any USB keyboard.

Watch YouTube clips on your Viera TV

Seamless, simple, searchable access to originally created videos from YouTube, now on the big screen in the comfort of your own living room. It's now easy with Viera Connect.

Take a look at the Viera Connect Apps currently available in New Zealand.


Skype Friends and Family on your Viera TV

With Viera Connect and a Viera TY-CC10 webcam you can make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls, right on your Viera's large screen.

Keep in touch and talk as long as you like, to anybody who's on Skype, wherever they are - right in your living room!

Click here to find out just how easy it is to Connect with Skype on your Viera TV.


 Easy, comfortable cloud-based IPTV services for the whole family to enjoy

Some people think that IPTV looks interesting, "but it's probably complicated", or that they're "not very good with computers". 

It's true that no matter how many great applications IPTV has, the number of users will be limited if its operation is complicated. 

Panasonic firmly believes that TV has to be easy to use because it's used by the whole family. 

That's why we offer a 'Cloud-Based IPTV Service' with ordinary remote control operation and even more intuitive interfaces. 

That's the Panasonic Viera Connect difference.


View treasured photos on a big screen - your Viera TV

No need to huddle around the laptop - Viera Connect lets you view, sort and share your online digital photo and video content with friends and family on your Viera's big, wide screen.

Together, Picasa & Viera Connect make it easy for you to organise and edit your digital photos, then create online albums to share with friends, family & the world. Design beautiful photo collages and create fun video slideshows to show your photos at their very best.  Kick back and enjoy your wonderful memories in all their crystal clear beauty with the help of Viera Connect.

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One remote, total control

Viera Link - One remote, total control

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