Technology is only worthwhile if it makes your life better or easier, so Panasonic's revolutionary innovations always stem from real customer needs and wants. 

Life without the blur

Auto focus has been around for years, but we all know it doesn't always deliver a clear picture. With Intelligent Auto Technology, Panasonic Lumix digital cameras make one click photos blur free - every time. The system uses four detection and optimising functions to select the best shooting mode and ensure your image is sharp. You can be as clever as a professional photographer with one press of a button.

One remote to rule them all 

If your coffee table has no room for coffee because it's buried in remote controls, moving up to a Panasonic Viera television could unclutter your life. Viera televisions come with Viera Link, which gives you the ability to control a variety of HDMI-cabled audio-visual products connected to the TV all from the one remote control.

Instant slide-show on your TV

Want to show off your travel pics in grand style? With the SD card reader that's built into Viera televisions, you can simply insert your camera's memory card straight into the TV for full-screen viewing. They'll think you're so clever - and not a cable in sight. 

More room inside your microwave

Turntables are to microwave ovens what wheels are to bicycles. Not so! Panasonic has left the turntable behind with the recent 'flat bed' microwave ovens. Now you can use rectangular dishes for microwave cooking - how convenient. Also, cleaning your microwave is much easier without the turntable. 

The heat pump that knows you're there

Imagine a heat pump that knows you're in the room, and can even tell how many people are with you. It's not science fiction - it's Panasonic reality. Heat pumps with Eco-Navi automatically switch on or off and adjust heat settings by sensing movement in the room. Fantastic for your power bill and great for New Zealand's carbon footprint. 


Tell us how Panasonic's clever features make your life easier

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