Panasonic’s New Technologies Unveiled at CES 2013

Panasonic kicked off the 2013 edition of one of the world's largest consumer electronics shows, the International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 8, with a keynote speech on the latest technologies.



The speech is broken up into sections, the first being the opening remarks from Global Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga.








Viera TVs in 2013:  Not just another screen


[3:18] New Smart TV user interface: personalised and voice activated

[5:30] Hear Tim Vanderhook, CEO and co-founder of Specific Media, talk about the new partnership with Panasonic embedding technology in TV to allow access to more content, better interactivity, content recommendations and personalised advertising

[9:14] President of Sales and Marketing at Univision, Keith Turner talking about the innovation of personalised advertising and second screen experiences. Panasonic delivers a better experience for consumers.

[11:40] Introducing the worlds first 4K,OLED large screen TV. Pushing the boundaries in engineering and incredible image quality.

Manage and save energy at home with the Smart Energy Gateway


[1:00] Smart Homes. Moving into the fully connected future. Panasonic is committed to making your life at home smarter and more energy efficient than you ever thought possible.

[2:44] Panasonic is named as one of the top ten green global brands by Interbrand. At number 6, Panasonic is the highest ranking of any Consumer Electronics companies.

[3:00] The 4 pillars of Panasonic's energy solution strategy - Integrated Solutions.

[4:00] Smart Energy Gateway, linking and managing all the devices in your home. Manage how and where you can save energy.

Battery, energy, heat, and mileage solutions for Electric Vehicles


[1:59] Bringing Solutions to the Automotive Market.

[3:10] The new Tesla S Electric Car. A gamechanger in the automotive industry using advanced Panasonic battery technology.

[4:05] Panasonic has taken energy management technology and applied to Electric Vehicles. Power and Heat management.

[4:44] Hear Chief Infotainment Officer from General Motors talk about connected AV Solutions for vehicles.

[6:08] Panasonic has delivered a flexible and customisable framework. A platform for future in vehicle app innovation.

Unveiling the new Windows 8, 20 inch 4K OLED tablet


[1:30] The new Panasonic 4K tablet. Windows 8 based, a business tool that is light, thin and portable.

[2:28] Photojournalist and Polizer Prize nominated photographer Daniel Berehulak talks about the benefits of the new 4K tablet with stylus.

[4:00] Business Strategy Solutions.

[5:07] Lawsons prototype green store. 20% reduction in power consumption.

[5:38] How Panasonic is helping McDonalds deliver great experiences to their customers.


Rob Fyfe joins Panasonic to talk about Panasonic's aviation innovation


[1.35] Last year, 500 million passengers experienced Panasonic inflight entertainment and communications systems across 275 airlines.

[2.09] In 2013 Panasonic's next generation systems are taking avionics technology to the next level, including over 1,600 planes equipped with broadband Internet.

[2.18] High-speed internet, email, social media and streaming media are featuring on United Airlines aircraft, which fly over 300 flying routes.  This includes the new 787 Dreamliner.

[3.38] Rob Fyfe, Chairman of the Star Alliance and Member of the Board of Governors at the IATA, and recent CEO of Air New Zealand, talks about the innovation and agility of Panasonic's avionics technology.

Panasonic's global commitment and actions to create sustainable communities


Panasonic is committed to creating integrated, sustainable eco-solutions across all aspects of modern life as well as taking an active part in each community it operates in. With the USA being the host country for CES, this video features Panasonic North America's local sponsorships. In Japan, Panasonic supplied the LED lighting solutions for the TOKYO SKYTREE, and is building the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town in Fujisawa City, which opens next year and will be home to thousands of people. Panasonic North America will be moving its headquarters to a new facility which will reduce its carbon footprint by 50%.



Closing Remarks from Global Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga






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