New 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems released in NZ18th May 2011     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic's 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems bring a new dimension to Home Entertainment

Panasonic, a leader in Full High Definition 3D technology, today unveiled three new Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theatre Systems with advanced technologies.  The new models reproduce immersive 3D with superb picture quality, offer cinema-like surround sound and boast built-in Wi-Fi, Skype™1 compatibility, DLNA® and 2D-3D conversion.

Equipped with Panasonic's Full HD 3D Playback, the new systems - the SC-BTT775, SC-BTT370 and SC-BTT270 - deliver powerful 3D images with dramatic effects and enhanced depth. The 3D Effect Controller allows the user to adjust depth for more expansive images and enables the viewer to enjoy 3D movies with their preferred level of 3D effect. 2D-3D Conversion also converts 2D Blu-ray Disc™ images or 2D DVD images into 3D images.

Using DLNA® technology, Panasonic Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems can access content held on DLNA Server Blu-ray Disc™ Recorders, DVD Recorders with HD Recording, or other DLNA compliant devices.  By simply connecting to your Home Network (LAN), you can enjoy accessing recorded programs, AVCHD video and JPEG files. Via VIERA CAST™3, users can also access the Internet wirelessly in their lounge room, including YouTube™, Web-based photos on Picasa™, stock information on Bloomberg™ and weather forecasts.

The SC-BTT775 and SC-BTT370 also offer the VIERA CAST feature of Skype™4 voice and video calling via your TV, which this year offers a convenient 'video answering machine' via your home theatre.

Users can record a personalised voice or video message to SD Card via the Home Theatre Systems' SD Card slot, which plays automatically when a call cannot be answered. Incoming callers can record video messages, which can be watched when the user returns home.

All of the new systems feature a convenient Universal Dock for iPod/iPhone5 which has a digital connection to minimise sound degradation. This lets the user play music and video downloads and enjoy high quality sound from an iPod/iPhone.

'Cinema Surround Plus' is designed to provide a cinema-like surround sound environment in the living room, with natural surround sound and an enhanced surround effect.

For space-saving elegance, the sleek, ultra slim main system component measures around 3.8cm high and is designed to complement flat panel TVs. The SC-BTT370 features an attractive new 'tabletop' speaker design.

The Home Theatre Systems are designed to be easy to install. The Easy Set-up feature allows speakers to be configured to optimum performance in just a few easy steps. In addition, the SC-BTT775 is supplied with rear wireless speakers for a streamlined look in the living room, while the SC-BTT370 is wireless rear ready with the addition of Panasonic's optional wireless rear transmitter SH-FX71.

The SC-BTT775 and SC-BTT370 include a down-firing subwoofer to achieve powerful bass. These models are equipped with one HDMI output and two HDMI inputs with Standby Pass Through for HD, 3D gaming and set-top box connections. With Standby Pass Through, signals from the connected devices can pass through the unit even when the Home Theatre System is turned off.

All of the Home Theatre Systems feature Audio Return Channel (ARC6), which makes it possible to receive audio signals from the TV, on top of the pre-existing HDMI function of sending audio or video signals to the TV with just one cable. This feature simplifies connection by eliminating the audio cable connection between the TV audio output and the main unit's audio input.

The new models will be available from consumer electronics retailers.  For more information visit

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