Shedding some light on new energy saving bulbs6th May 2011     By: Panasonic Media

Today's energy efficient light bulbs come in a range of colour temperatures and styles to suit every Kiwi home. So by choosing 'energy saving bulbs' over the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs, you're not only doing your bit to reduce energy consumption, you are also providing your home with the ideal lighting solution for the entire home, from bedrooms to dining rooms and lounges.

Some people argue that energy saving bulbs are costly. While standard incandescent light bulbs cost only around $1, they typically last for only 1,000 hours and use significantly more energy. A good quality compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) from Panasonic is made to last around 10,000 hours. This translates into a saving of around 50% over the lifetime of a 22W CFL replacing 100W incandescents.

Another thing to consider when switching over to eco bulbs is energy efficient power consumption. Panasonic energy saving bulbs use up to 80% less energy to do the same job that old bulbs do. That means you only need a 22w bulb to replace the 100w bulb you used to pop in your shopping trolley - and more savings on your energy bill.

If you're looking for further incentive to light your home with energy saving bulbs, the New Zealand Government has set a goal to reduce the home lighting load by 66%, so that together we could save over 1000 Giga Watt Hours of power annually. That's the equivalent of all the power used by homes in the entire Nelson/Marlborough region every single year!

A good start to getting to that goal is to buy the right energy efficient bulb. Panasonic, renowned the world over for its outstanding electronics, has recently introduced a new range of energy efficient light bulbs to New Zealand shoppers that offers up to 10,000 hours life in a single bulb. With that kind of performance, the only thing that can't be guaranteed is how long they last on the supermarket shelves!

Our new range arrives in store May 9th, and will be available at your local Countdown, Foodtown or Woolworths stores.

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