Upgrading your TV for the Ultimate Sporting Experience30th June 2011     By: Panasonic Media

Purchasing a TV can be a confusing endeavour. The size of your living room, lighting conditions, viewing positions and your favourite programme content all play a part in picking the right model to meet your needs.

The Panasonic Viera Plasma TV range is the natural choice for sports fans. With the fluidity of plasma screens, and a super-wide 178º viewing angle that allows a full crowd to gather around, these TVs are match fit, just in time for the footy.

Every fan knows that speed, detail and accurate colour are all crucial factors that add to the viewing experience of sports. Simply put, the more depth perceived in an image, the more emotion you feel.

Speed: Panasonic's acclaimed Plasma panels have extra-quick response times meaning they can reproduce even the swiftest action in spectacular detail, making them an ideal candidate for fast-paced sports.

Detail: Detail right up to Full HD ensures that the viewer captures every nuance of movement on the screen. Viera High Definition TVs offer incredible black reproduction, warm, accurate skin tones, and spectacular natural colours - across a fluid, uninterrupted image. Whether it is a sporting event or an action-packed movie, High Definition delivers the most impressive image possible.

Colour: A wider range of blacks gives greater depth in moving images, and a deeper feeling for on-screen action. True blacks allow vibrant colours to stand out - giving smoother gradations in every moving image. Dynamic highspeed colour does sport scenes justice with the power and precision that only the combination of plasma and HD can give. The Viera Plasma colour range covers 110% of the HDTV standard - displaying more colours than has ever been seen in HDTV, providing for a super-vibrant sports experience. Viera Plasma TVs offer incredible depth of colour and precision in an elegant, slim design.

With Viera Plasma TV models available from 42 to 65", viewers can make the most of maximum screen area. No matter what the sport, Panasonic Viera Plasma TVs will deliver the ultimate viewing experience.

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