Panasonic Image App used on DMC-FT52nd May 2013     By: Joel Frost

I recently downloaded the Panasonic Image App for my smart phone. It connects as a real time remote to my Panasonic DMC-FT5!

I used it recently on a family trip to Fiji. The app works especially well if you want to take those big group shots and dont wont to run from the camera to the group in the hope that you make it in time before the camera goes off! (You could also use it in reconstructing certain spy flim scenes).

I used it at the bar with my partner for the first time. I placed the camera on the bar and we sat drinking cocktails a few meters away taking silly photos of ourselves. Soon enough people had stopped to ask what we were doing and what was on the interface of my smart phone and how we were operating the camera on the bar (which had been flashing away for 10 minutes). After a quick demonstration, excitement gathered amongst the small crowd and we suddenly had numerous group photos with laughing strangers. Good times.











The app allows a fair bit of surprising functionality including full access to zoom, recording for movie, playback and some settings.

More info on the DMC-FT5 product page.

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