Introducing 4k – The Future of Television11th September 2013     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic is proud to unveil its industry leading 4K products to New Zealand and is keen to show you the future of viewing technology. More than four times better than HD at 3840 x 2560 pixels, Panasonic's 4K line offers a visual experience unmatched by any other.

Smart VIERA TH-L65WT600Z - Plays well with others

The world's first Ultra HD TV with a 4K 50/60p input designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2a specifications, the Smart VIERA TH-L65WT600Z future-proofs the TV and assures it will work with future compatible 4K-players, set-top boxes and next-generation gaming consoles.

PC gaming enthusiasts can easily connect their PC to the WT600Z via the 60p-capable Display Port, allowing them to enjoy the latest blockbuster games in incredible detail and with extremely high motion clarity.

4K Tablet - For ultra productivity

The Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 is the world's first 20 inch tablet. Business rugged and portable, the tablet breaks new ground in digital viewing with 4K resolution, collaborative working with touchscreen capabilities and a unique Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen for pin-point accuracy and annotation.

The advanced display and resolution also makes zooming and resizing images instantaneous and crystal clear. Designed with photographers, marketers and sales people in mind as part of a groundbreaking new Ultra-High Definition Toughpad range, the Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 is perfect for displaying large images, A3 drawings, brochures and multimedia.

A specialist performance model, ideal for 3D modelling and CAD applications, for use by technical professionals such as engineers, architects and designers will follow in the first half of 2014.

4K Vision - Imagine the possibilities

"We are very excited by the ongoing possibilities that 4K will bring to consumers, as well as businesses in a variety of industries," said Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Managing Director, Panasonic Corporation and President, AVC Networks Company.

"In particular, we believe the real value of 4K lies in the sheer volume of information that can be displayed on-screen, made possible by such a high resolution. For consumer home entertainment, this opens the potential to display multiple content sources simultaneously on one screen in Ultra HD. With this, we are moving beyond what we previously knew as 'TVs', paving the way for a brand new genre of 'Smart Screens' which will allow us to access all kinds of different information with just one glance."

Mr. Yoshiyuki Miyabe predicts the technology will find its way into a variety of other industries, including security and health.

"4K security cameras can film from very wide angles and yet still give us the opportunity to zoom in with very high detail and recognise potential security threats. Additionally, in the medical field, extra value could be gained by displaying high definition diagnostic photos together with medical records on one screen. We strongly believe in the genuine value 4K will bring to society, and we're proud to be leading this process."


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