USA Antiterrorism Expert Victor Vella Talks Security with Panasonic NZ5th September 2013     By: Panasonic Media

Last week (August 27-28), Panasonic New Zealand attended the NZ Security Association Conference - an exhibition of products, commentary on global security challenges and a sneak peek at the future of the industry.

Themed Security at the Crossroads, the event featured various speakers from around the globe, delivering speeches on hot button security topics that are keeping people awake at night, motivating companies to create innovative business solutions and shift the thinking toward smarter, faster and better technologies.

One of those speakers was our special guest from the USA, Federal Business Development Manager at Panasonic for North America and antiterrorism expert Victor Vella. 

During his time as the Director of the Antiterrorism Services Program for the Department of Defense, Victor has led multi-million dollar efforts to conduct vulnerability and risk analysis, develop antiterrorism policies and perform covert team operations with highly trained Federal agents.

Having investigated, researched or analysed most of the major terrorist attacks towards US citizens worldwide in the last 25 years, Victor was able to share with the conference attendees a wealth of knowledge about the need to provide security protection for facilities and their people in both the public and private sectors.

Victor gave sobering statistics on the increase in attacks on innocent civilians, highlighting the need for effective planning. However, he emphasized the importance of evaluating the perceived threat over acting out of fear.  

"Base decisions on risk analysis versus vulnerability analysis. We are very vulnerable, but not necessarily at risk."

At Panasonic, Victor has been highly proficient at developing tailored security solutions for the Federal Government, effectively leveraging his extensive experience in law enforcement and antiterrorism.

The move to the private sector is a fulfilment of Victor's goal to retire as a FED at a fairly young age and devote another 10-15 years to a second career with a company that allows him to effectively utilise his skill set.

He develops new business, is responsible for strategic planning and supports the company's sales teams that work with the Federal market. In just 14 months with Panasonic, Victor has already earned the Business Development Manager of the Year Award for 2012.

This he credits to speaking the right language to the right audience - delivering solutions in a way that is readily understood.  

"Quantify the mitigation effects, create a methodology and show them how to reduce the risk - make it tangible," he says.

Victor is also a champion of global collaboration and is keen to work with other countries toward creating innovative security solutions.

Panasonic New Zealand boasts security camera features that Victor has never seen before and thinks joining heads on technology like this and all areas of security is the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

"Every country has a lot to offer and we can really learn from each other."


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