Panasonic’s Batteries Partnership with Tesla Motors Takes Charge18th November 2014     By: Panasonic NZ

The partnership between Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors is set to broaden with the construction of a large-scale battery manufacturing plant in Nevada, and the creation of an electric-vehicle charging station in San Francisco.

For several years, Panasonic has supplied automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells for Tesla's luxury sports car, the Roadster. The partnership between Panasonic and Tesla Motors was further extended to supply batteries for the Model S.

The battery cell used in the Model S was developed by both Panasonic and Tesla to achieve the industry's top-class energy density and performance. This cylindrical cell is based on Panasonic's unique technology and is optimised especially for electric vehicles.

As awareness for green innovation and environmental sustainability grows, Panasonic is developing its rechargeable battery cells technology for eco-friendly cars, which are expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.

In July this year, it was announced that Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors would partner to construct a large-scale battery manufacturing plant in Nevada, called the Gigafactory. In this new agreement, Panasonic will manufacture and supply its cylindrical lithium-ion cells and provide equipment, machinery, and other manufacturing tools.

The Gigafactory is being created to reduce the cost of long range battery packs and meet demands for mass market electric vehicles.

Yoshihiko Yamada, Executive Vice President of Panasonic said: "We have already engaged in various collaborative projects with Tesla toward the popularisation of electric vehicles. Panasonic's lithium-ion battery cells combine the required features for electric vehicles such as high capacity, durability and cost performance. And I believe that once we are able to manufacture lithium-ion battery cells at the Gigafactory, we will be able to accelerate the expansion of the electric vehicle market."

It was also announced last month that Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company would team up with Powertree Services to build 68 electric-vehicle charging stations combined with solar energy systems and battery storage in San Francisco.

The charging stations are designed to be powered by solar PV panels and incorporate a battery storage component in the event of a power outage. The 68 hybrid Panasonic-Powertree stations are already under construction and are scheduled for completion by Earth Day, in April 2015.





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