Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Camcorder in Space7th November 2014     By: Panasonic Media

NASA brings an extraordinary 3D experience to your computer with a series of fascinating new videos captured by a Panasonic 3DA1 3D camcorder.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have just sent back some 3D clips giving viewers a more realistic representation of living and working on the International Space Station and other captivating images from the space program.

NASA has decades of experience in recording and documenting in space, however they took the next step by bringing back stunning footage from space. The crew of STS-135 were supplied a 3DA1 3D camcorder so they could document the final space shuttle mission, the orbiter Atlantis, in July 2011. The camera stayed on the space station so the various crews could record their experiences and share them with the world.

Imagery Experts Programe Manager Rodney Grubbs says that they have noticed a degradation of their cameras throughout the decades.  Increased radiation in space affects ordinary cameras, burning out hundreds to thousands of pixels - enough for them to need replacing every eight to 12 months.  The astronauts noticed, however, that the 3DA1, the first 3D camera brought aboard the station in 2011, remained largely the same through the years.

According to Mr. Grubbs, when the original 3D camera was brought back to the earth, they "found the overlay of the two stereo images forming the 3D picture may have helped lessen the appearance of damaged pixels."  More importantly, the camera performed better because it used a CMOS sensor and not the more traditional CCD in previous cameras. 

Scientists and engineers also are interested in this investigation of 3D cameras for possible future use to determine proximity in space and for rendezvous and docking operations.




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