How does Panasonic stack up in terms of appliance reliability?4th April 2014     By: Panasonic Media

Recently, Consumer NZ asked New Zealanders about appliance reliability and which brands last the distance. The results were analysed and reported earlier this week (April 2, 2014) on Fair Go. 

Over 8,000 people responded with feedback on washing machines, dryers, microwaves, TVs, vacuums, cameras and other household appliances.

The survey brought in information about 30,000 appliances bought from 2009 forward. Only brands that got more than 50 responses were rated and each of those was given a reliability score, adjusted for age of appliance.

To get "above average" or "below average", the brand's reliability must be statistically different than the overall appliance's reliability.

Panasonic was rated in the categories of Digital Cameras, Microwave Ovens, TVs and Washing Machines - here is how we fared: 

  • Microwave ovens: The only brand to be rated above average, in a category of high averages (91%-94%) in reliability.
  • Washing Machines: Average scores sitting around 87% reliability.
  • TVs: Above average, rated at 97% reliability.
  • Cameras: Average scores, in a high scoring category. 96% of cameras across the brands never needed repair.

Earlier surveys (2013)

Panasonic's results from previous surveys were also mentioned in the categories of set-top boxes and heat pumps.

  • Set-top boxes:The only brand to be rated above average for reliability out of 9 companies. 
  • Heat pumps:92 per cent reliability rating across brands.

Overall, Panasonic had fantastic results across all categories.

Visit the Consumer Website to learn more.

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