How to get the best out of your heat pump this winter5th June 2014     By: Panasonic Media

Getting the best from your heat pump

The following are our recommendations on how to operate your Panasonic heat pump during extreme cold weather conditions to receive maximum benefit from the heating output performance.

Knowing your unit has been correctly sized for local conditions and installed as per the manufacture's specifications, please follow the steps below on how to set the operating conditions when a severe frost is forecast. 


  1. Check air filters are regularly cleaned at least once a month on indoor unit. 

  2. Check outdoor unit is clear of any debris or obstruction, drain hole in bottom of base pan is cleared and the coil is cleaned. Ideally outdoor should be raised up above ground on suitable mounts.

  3. Check room is closed off to other areas and is sufficiently insulated to stop any leak point that will allow warm air to escape out and a cold draft blow in. 

Heat Pump Settings 

  1. Set remote control settings to:

    HEAT mode, AUTO fan speed and AUTO air swing for louver operation

    Temperature set to comfort zone of between 20 - 23 deg C

  2. Use the Powerful button to operate unit at full capacity for a maximum period of 20 min which will provide a boost of warm air into the room.

    The unit will then return to the normal setting temp or sooner if you select the powerful button again. Maximum heating will be provided at maximum airflow to increase the room to the setting temperature set by the user.

  3. Leave the louvers in AUTO position for heating as this reduces the feeling of cold drafts because the louver does not oscillate the same way as in cooling mode. The louver will move in 2 steps, horizontal or downward fix 45 deg based on how hot the indoor coil will be.

Defrost - critical for heating efficiency

  1. The power/operation light will be blinking on the indoor unit when the system is defrosting. This is a normal function of the heat pump andis critical to efficient operation  in order to produce the amount of required heat to warm the room. During defrost the unit will not be providing heat into the room and if Auto Louver is set ON, the louver will be closed but partially open 3mm to allow the cold air to fall off the indoor coil. 

  2. DO NOT switch off the unit by remote or the isolator outside during the defrost cycle, this will bypass the defrost cycle and cause the unit to run on and build up of ice on the outdoor unit coil will be severe.

    The defrost cycle time can last up to a maximum time of 15 min and after it has finished the indoor unit will take a few mins to regain some heat before the fan will run again. This is often referred to as a "Hot start" meaning indoor fan will not run until the coil temp is approx 30 deg C. 


In the colder months of the year or when a severe frost has been forecast overnight we recommend: 

  1.  The user set the timer for unit to turn ON 2hrs before wake up. This will give the unit a chance to defrost a few times and come up to temp.

  2. The user can operate the unit all night on Heat mode at a lower temp of 16 or 17 deg C. 


Stay warm everybody!

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