Panasonic expands its extensive Microwave range with new Cyclonic Inverter Microwave 1st October 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic New Zealand has expanded their range of popular Microwave Ovens with the introduction of an innovative new model.  NN-ST785SQPQ features Cyclonic Inverter technology for more even and improved results when cooking, defrosting and reheating.

When cooking with conventional Microwave Ovens, it's common to experience uneven cooking. Food can end up both overcooked and cold at the same time. Conventional Microwaves are controlled by one power level, on or off, which often results in overheating and loss of flavour and texture.

Panasonic's Inverter technology gives users more control over power levels. With an Inverter Microwave, fine inverter-regulated power level prevents overheating. Food is cooked more evenly, texture and flavour are preserved, and it also prevents spills and burnt edges.

Panasonic has paired Inverter with Cyclonic Wave technology with their new NN-ST785SQPQ Microwave model. An even 3D cyclonic wave is distributed throughout the entire Microwave cavity in a circular pattern, whereas other Inverters send their waves out in a single plane. It delivers more versatile options and more delicious results - the edges of food are perfectly cooked and the centre is fully-heated.

Michael Opie, Home Appliances Product Manager, Panasonic New Zealand said: "When pairing together Cyclonic Wave and Inverter technologies, customers will enjoy the fastest and most efficient way to prepare perfect meals, beverages and snacks. It offers more versatile options for a wider range of cooking techniques. It's the ultimate combination in advanced microwave cooking, and the technology is unique to Panasonic."

In addition to being equipped with Cyclonic Inverter technology, NN-ST785SQPQ has these other exceptional features:

•    1,100W high-powered performance
•    Large 44 litre capacity
•    10-level Power settings
•    Full-LED Lighting System
•    Genius Sensor Cooking function to take the guesswork out of selecting the correct settings - it takes care of power levels, food weight and cooking times.
•    Elegant and stylish design, the six-button chrome panel adds a modern-look to your kitchen.
•    The electrostatic glass touch control panel allows for easy operation.

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