Panasonic presents Laundroid – the world’s first laundry folding robot15th October 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic has collaborated with Tech Company Seven Dreamers and Japan's largest construction organisation, Daiwa House, to create the Laundroid - the world's first fully automatic laundry-folding robot.

The Laundroid can wash, dry and then fold your clothes. Users won't be required to sort clothing beforehand. It has been designed to recognise clothing patterns by scanning them, before it gets to work.

Attendees of the 2015 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tokyo were able to watch the first live demonstration on how the Laundroid works. A demonstrator took a shirt, placed it into the machine, and after a few minutes, the door opened, and a perfectly folded shirt appeared.

Panasonic says the robot will revolutionise people's lives by simplifying household chores and allowing them more time to spend with family or on more enjoyable activities.

The Laundroid can currently fold T-shirts, collared shirts, shorts, trousers and towels. Developers are currently looking to find a way to get the robot to also fold socks.

Manufacturers are exploring ways to speed up the folding machine to go through an entire load of laundry in seven hours - allowing users to set-up the robot before bedtime and have neatly folded clothes ready for the morning.

The Laundroid is currently in development with the aim of pre-launch early 2016.


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