Panasonic New Zealand releases latest Air Conditioning range10th November 2015     By: Panasonic NZ

Panasonic New Zealand has released their latest range of Air Conditioning models featuring innovative new technologies for faster cooling, a more comfortable airflow, and advanced energy efficiency.

The new range is equipped with iAuto-X technology for 15% faster cooling compared to previous Panasonic models, with a new compressor and fan design. Comfortable cooling is further enhanced by the new 'Aerowings' blades. They have two independent blades which distribute cool air evenly throughout the room, minimising uncomfortable direct icy airflow.

Consumers will also experience cleaner, healthier air thanks to Panasonic's nanoe-G technology. An active air purifying system, nanoe-G deactivates unwanted airborne and surface-based particles such as bacteria, viruses and mould, creating a healthier living environment.

The latest range feature ECONAVI sensors and Inverter technology helping consumers save energy at home. ECONAVI and Inverter work together to moderate the temperature according to how many people are in the room and how much activity is taking place. These clever technologies ensure that homes are more energy efficient, however comfort isn't compromised.

Panasonic Air Conditioners have an exceptional new design which helps generate greater airflow. Their wider intake grille and a faster indoor fan speed which ensures a higher-level is achieved at start up.

Panasonic Air Conditioners have an exceptional new design which helps generate greater airflow. They feature a new wider intake grille as well as increasing the indoor fan speed to a super-high level at start up.

Darren Hayward, Air Conditioning Product Sales Manager, Panasonic New Zealand said: "In our hot and humid New Zealand summers, consumers need air conditioners which can cool the entire room quickly, but also ensure maximum comfort.  Thanks to a new design and cooling technologies, our new Air Con range dispenses a cool air flow throughout the room. Energy saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies will help save you money on your power bills and nanoe-G creates a healthy, allergen-free environment. They're an efficient and affordable solution for New Zealand households."

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