Panasonic’s Clever Home Monitoring Devices on Good Morning Show8th December 2015     By: Panasonic Media

On Tuesday 8 December, Panasonic New Zealand appeared on Channel One's 'Good Morning' show to highlight the benefits and features of their clever Home Monitoring devices.


With the summer holidays just around the corner, Panasonic's Home Monitoring devices are the smartest and easiest way to monitor and control homes, baches or small businesses.

The easy-to-set-up Home Monitoring Kits contain a range of clever devices which let users remotely control their appliances and monitor their properties via their smart device. It's also free from monthly fees which are usually associated with this type of technology.

To get started, users simply connect the Hub unit to their Wi-Fi network, download the Home Monitoring & Control App, and then pair their devices to the hub.

Additional accessories can easily be added to the Home Monitoring system at any stage. Each hub can support up to 4 cameras (including indoor and outdoor cameras) and 50 other additional devices (including Window / Door Sensors and Smart Plugs).

All devices in Panasonic's Home Monitoring Kits use DECT technology, making them un-hackable, and ensuring operation is stable and interference-free.

Panasonic's Home Monitoring Kits are comprised of the following devices:

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

The Indoor and Outdoor Cameras keep an eye on specific locations such as the garage or driveway, or around doors and windows inside the house. Users can take a snapshot or recording, and recorded footage is stored on a microSD/microSDHC card. The built-in microphone and speaker allows for 2-way communication.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs let users remotely turn electric devices, such as appliances and lights, on or off via their smart devices.

Motion & Door Sensors

The movements of a person or animal trigger the Window/Door Sensor and activate the cameras, and a notification is sent to the user's smart device.  Users can also adjust the Motion Sensor so it's not accidentally triggered by family pets.

The Hub

At the heart of Panasonic's Home Monitoring Kits is a powerful and compact hub unit which provides a long range (up to 300 metres) and joins all the devices together. The hub easily connects to Wi-Fi routers and then devices such as motion sensors and cameras can be easily and quickly synced to the system with one-push pairing.

Digital Cordless Handset

Users can connect their landline to the hub and use their smartphone to make or receive calls when they are not at home with the Digital Cordless Handset. The system's security mode can be changed using the Handset.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Panasonic's Home Monitoring range.

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