Introducing the World’s First Smart Scooter1st February 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic is set to make advancements in green energy technology over the next years by developing innovative technologies that can create, store and manage energy.

Panasonic is the top electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer in the world and have teamed up Toyota and Tesla Motors. At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, it was announced Panasonic's batteries will also be used to power Gogoro's electric scooters.

In heavily populated cities, many people use scooters for transportation because they are fuel-efficient and easier to use on congested roads. However scooters emit CO2 and other toxic chemicals, and they require fuel which can be costly to run. Gogoro's new smart scooters aim to change the way that scooter riders use, consume and experience energy.

The Gogoro smart scooter is a sleek-looking, high powered and emission-free scooter built for people in highly-populated cities. They are powered by the same Panasonic cylindrical lithium-ion 18650 batteries used in Tesla's Model S cars.

The battery is compact in size, fitting into the palm of your hand, and can power the scooter all the way up to 100 KM/H whilst sending live data from the 25 battery sensors to the cloud.

The lithium-ion batteries have more than a 60 mile range and when the rider is ready to swap their two batteries in the scooter, they are directed to the nearest charging station through the Gogoro app. The battery charging stations are the same size as an ATM machine, and when the scooter battery is swapped for a new one, it will be running again in a few seconds.

All Gogoro stations will be synced to determine battery supply at each station and demand can be met at popular locations. Usage behaviours of regular users will also be stored by the charging stations - if a rider travels at faster speeds, they will be given more powerful batteries when they swap them.

Charging stations will also work with a city's electricity demands. Batteries will be charged in hours when energy isn't in such high demand. Gogoro sees this development as an attempt to offset energy demand spikes in big cities, which can lead to power blackouts.

Gogoro is looking to bring its scooters to overseas markets this year.



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