Building the town of tomorrow16th February 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic is underway with developing a town in Japan using cutting-edge energy, construction, security technologies called the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town.

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town is located 50 kilometers west of Tokyo and will produce, save and manage its energy supplies self-sufficiently and in an eco-friendly way.

It will utilise renewable energy technology - primarily solar energy.  In total, the new town will have 3 MW of solar modules, making it the largest individual-distributed system of its kind in the world. 

The 1,000 houses in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town will be equipped with Panasonic's full range of energy solutions, including highly-efficient solar modules, Fuel Cell Systems, smart air-conditioning systems and mercury-free LED lighting. Each home can easily manage their network of technology by using a Smart Energy Gateway (SEG), and all household appliances are connected to their SEG via a computer system.

The town also incorporates a community continuity plan.  Sufficient energy is stored at the central Committee Centre to provide heat and lighting to the building for three days, along with emergency food supplies, temporary shelter and first-aid equipment. 

"We have a 100-year vision for the entire project and we believe the most important thing is how we make this community evolve sustainably and constantly over that time frame," said Hiroyuki Morita, chief of Panasonic's Business Solutions Division. 

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town opens in March 2015 and will be fully inhabited by 2018, Panasonic's 100th anniversary.

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