Panasonic Announces the Introduction of Ground Breaking Lithium Ion Home Energy Storage Battery System for New Zealand3rd June 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic-developed battery storage technology, unveiled today in Australia, will be available in New Zealand from this November. Panasonics Home Storage Battery System brings more than 40 years of accumulated expertise in lithium-ion battery technology to Australia and New Zealand.

Panasonic New Zealand will be introducing a pilot program with local retailers later this year. Stewart Fowler, MD of Panasonic NZ commented, "While the number of homes with solar energy systems in New Zealand is small (approx. 2% of 1.67m homes), the number is expected to grow rapidly, putting Panasonic at the forefront of the new category of Home battery storage for domestic use. One of the benefits of the system is that if you already have a solar energy system in place, the battery can be retrofitted to an existing installation."

This turnkey home battery system stores excess electricity generated during the day by solar panels to provide a reliable, efficient base load for solar-installed households during peak periods. Once fully charged from the day's sun, Panasonic's lithium-ion storage battery produces a two kilowatt output for four hours. It is an efficient and clean energy source benefitting consumers and utilities alike.

Data shows that battery storage for solar households could increase self-generation from 30 to in some cases as much as 60 per cent. It also will provide emergency power for critical appliances such as medical equipment, fridge or lighting in case of sudden grid supply interruptions.

New ways for distributors and retailers to monitor energy supply and demand

With the product's Demand Response Platform Software, retailers can monitor its charge/discharge programs to help address pressures and network inefficiencies across the New Zealand distributed energy network. This system is good news for energy distributors and retailers, reducing grid infrastructure expense, better managing the time of use during peak periods and offering longer term contracts and savings to the consumer.

One utility server can control up to 20,000 home storage battery systems.

Helping consumers reduce energy bills

The slim standalone battery design stores surplus solar energy that consumers can use during the day and night, helping reduce their energy bills while providing a reliable backup during power blackouts

Panasonic's 40 years of accumulated know-how and expertise in lithium-ion battery technology will be brought to bear to help New Zealand to meet challenges facing its energy system.

The Home Storage Battery System will be on display at the Australian Energy Storage Exhibition in Sydney from 3 - 4 June 2015.

About Panasonic Corporation

With more than 40 years history and sales of more than 10 billion lithium-ion cells, Panasonic Corporation has a global track record of producing world leading battery storage technology and innovation over many decades. Panasonic's Home Storage Battery System has 8kWh usable capacity and 2kWh output, using lithium-ion battery technology to maximise the benefit of Home photovoltaic (PV) energy. It also includes programmed charge/discharge, remote control charge/discharge and an emergency backup feature. It is manufactured by Panasonic in Japan.



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