Panasonic New Zealand Hosts the World Premiere Screening of Little Fire30th June 2015     By: Panasonic Media

On Monday 29th June, Panasonic hosted the world premiere screening of Little Fire, a documentary by New Zealand filmmaker Sam Matthews which covers Medicine Mondiale's inspiring and challenging work.

Every year, millions on babies die in third world countries because they don't have access to neonatal incubators. Little Fire covers the work of Philanthropist Sir Ray Avery and his organisation Medicine Mondiale in Nepal.

Sir Ray and Medicine Mondiale pioneered the innovative LifePod incubator, designed to work in the hostile developing world environment. LifePod's purify their own water and run for up to ten years for a fraction of the cost of existing incubators.

Inspired by a TV appearance made by Sir Ray Avery, student and budding filmmaker Sam Matthews contacted Sir Ray asking how he could get involved with the project. The pair agreed that their mission needed some more exposure and Sam was tasked with creating a documentary on the raw reality in Nepal.

Panasonic were approached by Sam asking for help to film Sir Ray's incredible work in Nepal. The Panasonic team were inspired by Sam and gave him a LUMIX DMC-GH3 camera body and lenses to shoot Little Fire.

Sir Ray Avery would like the Little Fire documentary to empower New Zealanders to make a change and that New Zealanders are willing to do great things.

"We can change the world. There's nothing more empowering in terms of being able to change something. I'm hopeful we'll be able to capture what I've seen many times with a baby coming back from one of the villages who's preterm. They've taken the baby on a bus, they get it to the hospital and they try and revive it and the baby dies because they don't have access to an incubator or the right nutritional products. We can change that. I think we're a better society than that" says Sir Ray Avery.

Working closely with Sam and Sir Ray has greatly inspired the team at Panasonic New Zealand to get behind their incredible work and help make a difference. CLICK HERE to find out more about Medicine Mondiale, LifePod incubators and how you can help keep little hearts beating.

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