Panasonic Showcases their Innovative Range of Business Systems Solutions22nd July 2015     By: Panasonic Media

Panasonic New Zealand is showcasing its innovative new range of business systems solutions and developments in technology at this year's Business Systems Expo, taking place at Eden Park, Auckland until Thursday 23 July 2015.

The 2015 Business Systems Expo is an opportunity for Panasonic to present its diverse range of business systems solutions including Security, Video Conferencing, Projectors, Professional Flat Panel Displays, Toughbook, Data Archiving, Professional Video Equipment, and Lithium-ion Storage Battery Systems.

Panasonic's large line-up of Projectors demonstrate the latest in 4K, Laser, 1-Chip DLP, and filter-less technologies. Laser Projectors are setting new standards for reliable, high-quality projectors. The new PT-RZ12K is the world's first laser light source Projector with up to 12,000lm of brightness. It uses a new heat-resistant material to withstand the high output of the laser light source whilst maintaining eye-popping image quality.

The PT-RZ670 Laser Light 1-Chip DLP Projector has a filter-less and lamp-free design which helps maintain performance in tough usage conditions; it lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) and no maintenance is required for up to 20,000 hours of usage. Both projectors can be installed vertically, horizontally and tilted for a 360-degree projection from the laser-light source. This flexibility allows for projection from virtually any angle, which is not possible with traditional lamp-based projectors.

The industry's first projector with beyond 4K resolution was also on display. PT-RQ13K is equipped with a Quad Pixel Drive, next-generation Detail Clarity Processor and System Daylight View for exceptional image quality and fluid motion reproduction. It is also the world's lightest 3-Chip DLP projector weighing 45kg.

Using industry-leading technologies, Panasonic's extensive line-up of professional displays, interactive panels and video walls were also on display including products from the LFE7, LFE8 and LFV Series.

The stylish LFE8 and LFE7 Series Professional Displays combine the best of all worlds - brilliant imaging performance, cost effectiveness and a stylish, slim design. They present eye-popping brightness and vividly clear pictures, and their ultra-narrow bezel design draws the viewer's attention directly to the images on the screen. These thin, lightweight Displays can be installed horizontally and vertically to meet a wide range of installation needs.

The LFV5 display use industry-leading technologies and a range of special features for reliable, quick and easy installation. Designed with an industry-leading, ultra-slim bezel (3.5mm), borders between multiple screens are virtually seamless.

The Security Solutions Team showcased their impressive new Transportation Solution with live footage from one of Coastguard New Zealand's vessels. Coastguard New Zealand approached Panasonic for a camera solution to record activity on board their vessels; however it needed to perform in a challenging environment. Their boats are equipped with 12 cameras which feed live footage to the two recorders on board the boat. Live footage can be viewed via an internet connection on board, and footage can be recorded and download for training purposes back at the base.

Helping reinvent the retail security space, Panasonic's new security cameras are equipped with Facial Recognition Software and POS integration technologies. The Facial Recognition system uses face detection technology to identify people caught on camera, and it's proving to be a useful application for the retail sector. After faces are caught on camera, a snapshot of that person is analysed and it's stored on a central server. Staff members are then notified when a registered person is matched.

Panasonic has also developed a new software platform especially for point of sale. It synchronises security video platform with point of sale transactions allowing retailers to review video footage and transactions. The software is part of Panasonic's ASM video management platform which gives security staff a unified application to conduct enquiries. The software is also incredibly flexible and can be easily customised for different requirements. Because the POS software has been developed by Panasonic, and not a third party, it seamlessly integrates with their cameras and camcorders.

Toughbook showcased their new CF-19 fully-rugged convertible Toughbook tablet PC. Featuring a revolutionary LCD screen which transforms from a high-performance notebook into a portable tablet PC, the CF-19 is equipped with optimised transflective plus display technology which allows for perfect visibility and reduced reflection in direct sunlight. Its waterproof structure complies with IP65 water and dust-proofing standards and a special HDD-heater offsets any adverse temperatures making the CF-19 perfect for use in extreme conditions.

Also on display were the FZ-G1 and FZ-X1 Toughpads. The FZ-G1 next-generation fully-rugged pro tablet sets a new benchmark for outdoor viewable tablets. With a mulit-touch display, digitiser pen and flexible configuration ports, the Windows 8.1 FZ-G1 can view high-definition images and documents with multiple connectivity options to ensure that data can always be viewed and accessed when needed. The 5" handheld FZ-X1 tablet brings together the best elements of handheld, smartphone and Barcode reading functionality into a single, compact tablet form. This Android tablet is fully-rugged, with a 3-meter drop resistance; it's the ideal tool for mobile workers in transportation and logistics, postal services, defence, emergency and public safety, utilities, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

Panasonic's new range of High-Definition Visual Communications Systems allow for stress-free and flexible videoconferencing. The KX-VC1600 videoconferencing unit was set-up in a boardroom scenario at the Business Systems Expo to showcase its exceptional image and sound quality and user-friendliness. It can easily connect to multiple sites for videoconferences, and mobile devices can also take part in videoconferencing from various locations. KX-VC1600 utilises Uniphier technology to make it seem like everyone is in the same room - it helps convey facial expressions and gestures in clear, Full-HD, enhancing the visual communication experience.

Panasonic is also utilising 3rd party software called FaceMe to make the videoconferencing experience even more seamless and hassle-free. FaceMe solves challenges caused by scale, security, network and bandwidth, and lets users meet from any device.

Panasonic presented its newly-developed Home Storage Battery System. The compact Lithium-ion battery is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source which benefits and meets the demands of consumers, small businesses and utilities.

The Lithium-ion battery system stores excess electricity generated during the day by solar panels to provide a reliable, efficient base load for solar-installed households to use around the clock, even when the sun goes down. This allows for maximum utilisation of clean energy and it will help consumers reduce their energy bills. With the product's Demand Response Platform Software, retailers will be able to monitor its charge/discharge programmes which will help address pressures and network inefficiencies across New Zealand's distributed energy network.

This system will benefit energy distributors and retailers, reducing grid infrastructure expenses, and will allow consumers to more effectively manage usage during peak periods and it will offer longer term contracts and savings to the consumer.

Panasonic is working closely with Plan B to make data storage solutions more accessible for New Zealand businesses with the LB-DH8 Series Data Archiver. This scalable optical disc library system is a highly-reliable option for long-term data storage.

Panasonic has leveraged its optical disc drive, media and advanced robotics technologies to develop a scalable module expansion configuration that can support an increase of data with high reliability which is crucial for long-term data storage.

The system consists of data archiver magazines which each hold twelve optical discs, and each magazine can store up to 1.2TB of data. The system has a magazine writer unit (base module) and a magazine loader (expansion module) that can house up to 76 data archiver magazines. By further installing additional expansion modules on the 19-inch rack, a flexible configuration can be created and high-volume optical disc storage of 638TB per rack can be achieved.

It uses RAID technology to provide a high-speed data transfer of up to 216MB/s and high reliability to protect data from unforeseen failures. The optical discs have a storage life of up to 50 years and it uses only 7W to power, significantly lowering power consumption and running costs for data centres.

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