New Freeview On Demand now on 2017 & 2018 Panasonic Smart TVs24th May 2018     By: Panasonic NZ

Freeview is rolling out its new Freeview On Demand platform, replacing the existing FreeviewPlus service.

2017 & 2018 Panasonic Smart TVs will automatically update from 1pm THU 24 MAY; followed by other 2017-2018 Smart TVs over the next 2 weeks before a wider release in June across most other legacy models from late 2015.


An onscreen pop-up with the "New Freeview On Demand is coming soon" message has been rolled out to 2017 / 18 Panasonic Smart TVs as of Tue 22 May. The same pop-up will appear on other TVs prior to release.

And then, once the brand new Freeview On Demand is available, it will look a little something like this...



What is the new Freeview On Demand?

It's a major upgrade that replaces the "Freeview Plus" HbbTV platform, providing viewers with an improved On Demand content library and streamlined playback. Key improvements include:

• Better playback which starts as soon as a show is selected (rather than handing you over to broadcaster apps).

• New Freeview account is introduced so there's no need to sign into multiple broadcaster apps. Sign in once to
 access all shows from all participating broadcasters as well as your viewing history.

• Improved interface to all On Demand content, including a better way to tap into Catch Up TV which replaces the backwards TV Guide.

See here for more details and to watch a full demo:
Once released, existing users will get the new Freeview On Demand platform on their TVs automatically.

How will I know if I've got the new Freeview On Demand?

You'll see a new Freeview On Demand mini guide. On the left hand side of the mini guide, you'll see a TV icon with a green play symbol. Select it to access the new On Demand library.

What is the new Freeview Account?

This is a new account introduced by Freeview for viewers who wants to use Freeview On Demand. It provides you with access to content from all participating broadcasters. Rather than signing into multiple accounts to access content from each broadcaster, you can just register and sign in once to access content from all broadcasters.

You just need to register once for your household and it's free.

For more information about the new Freeview account, please see this FAQ on the Freeview website.

Who can get the new Freeview On Demand?

Almost all viewers who can get the existing Freeview On Demand or "Freeview Plus" HbbTV platform today and all users of the existing Freeview Smart TV app:

• The existing HbbTV platform is available on all HbbTV-capable devices that are connected to a TV antenna and to the internet. HbbTV-capable devices include:

o All Smart TVs released since late 2015

o HbbTV-capable set top boxes and recorders such as the Dish TV AerialBox T2100, T2200, Satbox S8100, S8200 and S8300 etc.

The new platform will roll out to all existing devices that are able to meet performance requirements. A small selection of legacy devices may be blacklisted if existing performance issues cannot be resolved. These legacy devices are being used by approximately 5% of the existing users.

Can I still access TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow and Māori TV On Demand?

The new Freeview On Demand platform will no longer host individual broadcaster apps or send you to a broadcaster app to watch a selected programme. Instead, the new platform brings together all the content from these broadcaster apps, and makes them available through a single Freeview app.

While you won't have access to these apps on your TV through the new Freeview On Demand, you can still access them on desktop, tablet and mobile.

When will I get the new Freeview On Demand?

The new platform is being rolled out first on recent Smart TVs from 2017 and 2018: starting with Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony Smart TVs and finally by a wider release across other TVs, set top boxes and recorders released since late 2015.

The roll out will take place from Wednesday 23 May until late June.

Where can I find more information or to provide feedback?

You can find out more information about the new Freeview On Demand platform here.

To report an issue:Please go to

To provide general feedback or suggest improvements: Please go to

Or call the Freeview Contact Centre on 0800 373 384 (available weekdays 8am-8pm).

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